Are You Ready For True Transformation?

I see you.  You are a high performing woman who has had great success in her outer life.  You have done everything right and achieved everything you ever set out to do.  But your inner world has a craving. You feel overwhelmed and confused because being truly open about this shadow space, full of stormy thoughts inside you makes you feel like a fraud. Like a failure.  You have felt the need to show up as perfect.

Over the years, you have looked at this part of yourself over and over and over again and  you keep coming up against your own personal glass ceiling. Shoved up against the same pattern that throws you back into the desperate search for meaning and purpose.  Your life careens back and forth from excitement to exhaustion. From success in your outer world to disorientation in your inner world. And you’ve had enough. Now you are seeking balance, now you seek JOY. Now you seek fulfillment, not some of the time, but all the time.  It’s time to break through this glass ceiling. And you CAN.

Are you ready to commit to a new vision for your life?

Are you ready to do what it takes to find more balance?

Are you ready to feel amazing and energetic more often than not?



This is the process of seeing the big picture and boiling it back down to the tangible steps right in front of you.  This is important because when you see clearly it feels so much better. You can have better focus on the task at hand, which is you stepping into the life of your dreams.



What is a peaceful life? A peaceful life is one of detachment where your ego isn’t mucking up your mind and where you are not worrying every moment of every day.  Where being present and calm becomes your dominant state. This is important because when you can align with flow and peace, you now look back on a peaceful life. Your life becomes joyous in EVERY moment DESPITE circumstances.  You become unshakable.



You can have the unique, energetic, ecstatic life that you WANT! Energy is about finding your own unique balance that fits your life and brings the QUALITY of life that you desire. Feeling your best is important because you can listen to your body more easily and know when something is off instead of living in a world where your adrenaline is so high that you live only in peaks of excitement and valley’s of exhaustion.

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The whole purpose to my work is to help find you your practice of living that works best for you.

It is so that you feel radiant for no other reason than being alive!


** Some of the WOO I do:

In addition to being your coach and mentor, I am a spiritual healer.  I dive deep into your energy and start clearing any of the blocks and patterns in your energy flow. I do ongoing work, which helps decrease inflammation, decrease pain and realigns your body, so you FEEL better, just by working with me. Free energy flow is the goal, so you can have direct access with your higher self, and start seeing your life from a higher perspective.  I help realign your chakras while working on ailments and past traumas. Some of this is energetic trauma and some of this is physical trauma.

This is MAJOR clearing, which helps you become a MAJOR MANIFESTOR as everything that is holding you back gets shifted.  This is RIGOROUS work where you will be shifting and clearing on a massive scale. This will push you up against and smash you through your glass ceiling again and again and again. This is YOU going to the next level of your life.  

This is true transformation.  I have been working for decades figuring out what works and what doesn’t.  I have worked in mentoring, healing arts, therapeutic arts, and the spiritual disciplines with thousands of people ONE on ONE with amazing results.  This will be the most natural and powerful shift of your life.


What does this all look like?

We start with a 3 month commitment.

We go through all of your specific details of the above and we create a divine healing blueprint. Then we work that blue print. This can look like 3 months this can also look like a YEAR long journey.  We are building your unique PRACTICE, I trust your process. 

The specifics:

- Once a week, one hour zoom conversations.

- Monday-Friday accountability and check ins.

- Mon-fri- Distance Energy healing sessions from me and I will debrief and let you know what I found in the check in.  

- Full access to me when you need.  If you need an extra call, email or FB messenger.  Just reach out.

- Readings when you need them.

- Channelled messages when you need them.

- In a 6 month program we will do an 8 hour VIP coaching mystery fun day, which I will fully plan in your area.

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