"Powerful" "Magical" "Life-Changing"

I call people to the highest version of themselves.  I deepen their relationship with their lives.  My clients inspire me! They strive for the greatest LIFE they can live.  They BLOW their expectations out of the water!  They grow, learn, clear, shift and RAISE their vibration to show others WHAT is possible! Powerful, Magical and Life-Changing are the 3 words that come up a lot.  Here are a few testimonials below to see what my clients are saying about me.

"I started working with Kat at the beginning of September 2016 when My life needed a new direction, a new purpose. Since then my life has changed in ways I can’t count. I’m on the path I always wanted to be on, pursuing the dream I never thought I could. I work for myself now, I make my own hours and I’m doing exactly what I want to be doing with my time here on Earth.

I can’t attribute every great thing that has happened to me over the last six months directly to Kat’s presence, but I know that without her, I wouldn’t have seen all the opportunities for what they truly were. Kat, mere mortal that she is, may not be able to move time and space, but she has a far more powerful purpose: Kat is a focal collector, a lens through which I’m able to see all the choice and possibilities of my life as positive options and not stressful concerns. Kat has taught me about the power that exists inside me, not inside her. Kat has demonstrated that my world is MY WORLD to command and conquer, and that I should never feel submissive, inferior or undeserving of everything I want in this world.

Kat is a listener who forces action. She is a stoic stone in the river of potential. Kat has paid attention to my dreams and desires all throughout our sessions, finding key elements, words and ideas that even I may not realize are floating about in my own psyche, and using them to illustrate how far along I am on my journey, how far I’ve come from my origins, and how much closer my destination is than I realize. Kat makes sure you do all the work yourself, even if you’ve convinced yourself that it all comes from a wave of her magic wand.

I have a future ahead of me that I never imagined possible. I have achieved things in my time with Kat that I truly never thought I could do, things that were eternally out of my reach. Kat demonstrates to me each week that the only barriers and boundaries in my life are the ones I create, and if I believe her, and believe in myself, there are no limits as to what can be done. No limits on who I am, or what I can achieve. For decades I wandered alone in my own world, never understanding that the best travelling companion I could meet, my own self­ confidence was right there all the time, I just needed Kat to introduce us.
I will always owe a tremendous amount to the amazing woman. I only hope that as time goes on, more and more people come to learn that they owe Kat a similar debt. Their futures will be better for it." - Steve Moody, Founder, Screenwriter, Writer

My time working with Kat Karpoff has been absolutely invaluable. Not only have I seen measurable growth in my self-confidence, perception of self-worth, and my ability to move forward as an entrepreneur, but I have heard from countless friends and family members that they are clearly able to see a positive shift in me. I am beyond grateful for Kat's attention and the time she put in to helping me rediscover all the things I'd forgotten about myself. Her coaching sessions have changed my life! - Chelsea C, Writer/Editor

“I found Kat through an online community at a time I really needed someone to push me forward.  I had been stagnant on a large project for several months, that I knew would catapult my business.  Kat helped me to figure out what was holding me back from getting this project done.  Then she helped me figure out ways to address mymindset whenever these blocks came up and showed me ways to get my project done in an already very full schedule.  Since working with her, I have successfully moved my project forward more in just a few weeks than I was able to do for several months before.  Kat has such a kind and gentle spirit; she encouraged me in a loving manner while helping me stay on track.  Even a coach needs a coach sometimes!  Thank you Kat for all your wonderful support and guidance.”

SAMANTHA, Founder, Coach and Author

"There is no business coach that I would recommend more highly than Kat!"

DANNIE, Founder, Lead Marketing Consultant

“Kat is supportive and engaging. She's a great listener, but she knows when to chime in with amazing advice, or to offer some of her helpful and inspirational resources. Her coaching is worth every penny! Not only did she provide me with amazing one on one sessions, Kat connected via email and our follow up accountability sheet every week, and her door was always open. I was able to reach her via email when I hit roadblocks between our sessions, and she was quick to respond and offer valuable support, and helpful insights. Thanks Kat! "

Alexis, Founder, Chief Experience Officer

“I was lucky enough to be coached by Kat and found the experience so valuable.  Kat really took the time to connect with me and get to the heart of what was going on.  She guided me through the session seamlessly and really created a grounded and open environment.  In one session with Kat my perspective and energy shifted.  Since our coaching I have had the confidence to launch a small business and take a bigger step into my blog.  I feel her guidance and insight made room for growth.  The coaching session was so personal to me and my experiences.  If you are looking to make a change or shift in your life I would highly recommend Kat.”

Tijana Popovic, CEO/Founder of The Key Collective