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If you’re ready to creatively inspire your audience by getting to the real blocks around creativity and breaking them wide open, Kat Schulte nails these issues on the head to take your teams from uninspired to unstoppable and unrestrained!

Check out an improvised and impromptu speech she did here!

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Edgy and hilarious, Kat’s approach to sparking creativity is both on point and compassionate.  She uses humour and wit to break down walls and create a safe space for inspiration and creativity.


Kat Karpoff has been in the creative field for decades.  She has managed large projects and creative teams to take them into places where creativity is ignited.  She inspires and motivates through a unique blend of humour and creative expertise.  Her speaking style is that of a stand-up comedian.  “Kat Karpoff breaks down people’s walls, she is easy to talk to and a joy to listen to.”


Kat has helped countless entrepreneurs with a swift kick in the butt and soft nudge in the right direction.  She has helped people navigate the creative industry, business, art, creativity and spirituality.  She is exceptionally authentic and soulful, she shows up exactly as she is.


Her professional mission is to be a positive voice for the creative community and help drive forward thinking, movement, health and a balanced mindset and life in the creative community.  She wants artists to feel empowered and to have a clear message for this world and not be afraid to say it.


After experiencing Kat Karpoff, your audience will:


Feel inspired and motivated to start being creative.

Understand the power of collaboration and working with a team.

Have better communication with each other, and be more kind towards each other.

Feel empowered, motivated and excited to move forward on any project.

Have new tools they can use to spark creativity, ingenuity and forward thinking.

Be more loving, kind and compassionate towards themselves and others.


Fear, procrastination and lack of confidence are the leading problems in the creative fields and in business.  If you want your business and creative life to thrive, these must be addressed. It is with love and joy that I decided to embark on this journey to help address these creative blocks in the world.


Keynote Presentations, Breakout Sessions,

Distance and OnSite Seminars, & Workshops:


How creativity works:

 Understanding what creativity is, how it works and how you can use it to thrive.  (Great for Keynote)


Working with Vision:  

Understanding personal and company wide vision and how to harness the power of working together as a team to better create an incredible product and vision.  


Stop Judging the world, Stop judging yourself:  

A creative look at our inner critic, and how to tame it to create a more compassionate working environment and mind.


Awakening your creative mind:

Creativity is valuable.  When everyone is thinking at full creative capacity, the whole company thrives.

Kat helped me to truly attain the mindset of “I am enough” and to just start professionally doing the things I love. I can safely say that I am much more confident now about my creative abilities, my goals are much more easily attainable than I previously thought and I will never again settle for anything less than I truly want or deserve. Where I am now, as compared to where I was when we started, is truly night and day. Thanks to Kat, I am finally ready to show up in the world in a big way.
— -Vanessa Mason, Vanessa Mason Coaching


Kat is available and absolutely loves speaking engagements.  She speaks for audiences of all sizes, including businesses, community groups and large organizations and companies.

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