Executive Coaching

My one-on-one coaching experience is transformational.  We look at your process for how you are creating your business and showing up in this world and we hone in on all the blocks that are keeping you from really shining!  We look deeply at all your dreams and desires and together we find your TRUE PURPOSE for being here, being who you are, and doing what you love.  You are at a phase where you have done amazing things in business, but you know that you can do more, and you know that you can't do it alone, without an outside look.  I work with incredible people to turn their world into what they truly see in their mind. You want massive impact, and I know how to get you there.

Creative Business Strategy

I help create sustainable cultures for INCREDIBLE businesses.    We will hone in on your process from A-Z.  When it comes to your projects how do you tick?  How do you get through the hard days?  How do you operate with your team? How do you move forward step by step? How do you get yourself into a MASSIVE growth phase without losing the incredible environment that you have?  We will be taking a creative microscope to your business to figure out what's working, what's not working, what we can implement more of, who you need to hire, HOW you need to hire... Your company will have the culture of every millennials dreams and when you can get the best creative minds into YOUR company, the SKY is the limit.

- Figure out your process from A-Z.

- Find a process that works for you and that is joyous.

- Figure out your audience and where you should be putting your energy.

- Finding the joy in creativity.

- Figuring out growth strategies and your hidden path to greatness.

- Honing in on your message to open up a new audience.



Are you someone who struggles with overwhelm and getting things done?  I'm not here to ride your ass, nor will you ever be pushed into guilt or shame with me.  I am here as a gentle nudge and sometimes some much needed tough love.   It doesn't matter if you don't do what you need to do all the time, but there are times when you need to face your WHY.  Why are you procrastinating?  Why are you feeling overwhelmed?  Why are you feeling like the world is against you?  Why do you feel like it's time to quit? Give up? Get angry? It's okay to feel these things.  In fact, we ALL DO from time to time.  It's the "and now what?" that I help with.  I keep you moving forward through all the frustration, the torment, the guilt, the shame for what you are and are not doing.  It's always up to you, but  everyone needs a little help to continue to point in the right direction and keep that momentum up!  I help shine a light into the darkness.

- Know your purpose.

- Look at the blocks that are keeping you from finishing your work.

 - Have weekly tasks set up so that you can go forward step by step instead of being overwhelmed by EVERY step.

 - Have someone holding you accountable!

 - You get 100% support from me whenever you need it.

- You don’t have to figure out everything on your own.  You get the help you need.



How are you showing up in this world?  How are you putting yourself into this world?  How do you WANT to be in this world?  This is the time to create the world that you want to see and be in this world in the way you want to be in it.


- It’s time to show up, and we create a plan of how you want to show up in this world.

- Figure out your message and how you are presenting it to the world.

- Figure out what has been holding you back.

- Break down blocks around fear of showing up FULLY.

- Understand what has been keeping you playing small.

- If it’s time to show up BIG in this world for you, we break down the blocks that have been keeping you from doing just that.


Breaking down the blocks to self love:

The coaching experience is extremely involved and transformational.  Get ready to do some serious self work, and truly discover, who you are, why you are here and how to live up to you FULL potential.  We explore everything that keeps you from creating your work and showing up in this world.  We explore all the self limiting beliefs and discover your light that will brighten this world out of darkness.


What are clients saying about working with me?

“Kat helped me to truly attain the mindset of "I am enough" and to just start professionally doing the things I love. I can safely say that I am much more confident now about my creative abilities, my goals are much more easily attainable than I previously thought and I will never again settle for anything less than what I truly want or deserve. Where I am now, as compared to where I was when we started, is truly night and day. Thanks to Kat, I am finally ready to show up in the world in a big way.” 
-Vanessa Mason, Vanessa Mason Coaching

If you think you are ready for transformational coaching, you can book a complimentary Strategy session below to see if we'd be a good fit.