"Do you have the courage to bring forth this work?  The treasures that are hidden inside you, hope that you say yes."  
Jack Gilbert


Do you have an incredibly strong vision for your future?  Do you know that you can be a bigger presence in this world and create massive change?  Do you know that there is immense power inside of you and you are just learning how to tap into that power?

Are you at a crossroad and are finally ready to commit to a direction?

It's a passion of mine to help get you and your creative projects out into the world.  I believe that everyone has something to say and that there are people who can only hear your voice.  

After over a decade working in a creative industry as a Writer, Actor and Producer I realized that over and over again people's incredible projects and stories were hitting roadblocks and never getting finished.  I started this business to help creatives get their wonderful work into this world.  I know how hard it can be to just SIT AND DO THE WORK, let alone FINISH it.  

I, myself, was exhausted, my life was constantly in flux, I was getting more and more bitter and angry at the industry.  I loved the people but I hated the bullshit.  I found myself in this rat race of doing everything for other people and not working on my own passion projects.  My life was constant, I was falling deeper and deeper into depression and my body was falling apart.  So, believe me when I say, I know how you feel. 


I LOVE working with creative minds like yours because:

I think great art is important.

I think FAILING and getting back up is important.

I think someone out there needs to hear what you have to say and how you say it.

I work with clients on a one-on-one basis. I am here as your confidant, support system, muse, and kick in the butt.  I dive deep so that you limiting beliefs, mindset and habits never hold you back again in the same way.

"Life is a journey in which the only destination is to use your full potential in a world full of potential."

When you work with me it is completely experiential.  We go on a journey together and I create personalized plans to help reach your life goals.  Dreams are priceless and I love watching them come true in people's lives.

"It doesn't matter the size of the step you take, as long as you keep moving forward."

What are people saying about working with me?

“I was lucky enough to be coached by Kat and found the experience so valuable.  Kat really took the time to connect with me and get to the heart of what was going on.  She guided me through the session seamlessly and really created a grounded and open environment.  In one session with Kat my perspective and energy shifted.  Since our coaching I have had the confidence to launch a small business and take a bigger step into my blog.  I feel her guidance and insight made room for growth.  The coaching session was so personal to me and my experiences.  If you are looking to make a change or shift in your life I would highly recommend Kat.”
Tijana Popovic, CEO/Founder of The Key Collective

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