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How to Learn When Learning Is Hard

You don’t know how to do something?  Learn.  And quit whining about it.  Everyone has to do it.  If this sounds harsh, I’m sorry.  Think of your best friend saying it to you, because no matter how harsh something your BFF says, you know it comes from a place of love.  And if it doesn’t, get a new BFF, but that’s another problem for another day.

Seriously though, you have to suck it up.  I don’t care if you need to yell and scream on the way but make a plan to do it.  

Why do I feel so strongly about this?  

I have had to reinvent myself so many times in my life and with every time has come a PLETHORA of new skills that I have to learn.  Recently I have taken on one of the most challenging learning curves I have had in my short and full life.  AND IT IS A STRUGGLE.  But the more I see it as that the HARDER it is.  When I break things down step by step and focus on one thing at a time, I am actively teaching myself that I CAN DO IT!  And so can you.  We all can.  The beauty is, I start with what I can do and I go from there.  When I need help I ask, and people help.  AND PEOPLE HELP.  It's great for my self esteem and it's a necessary lesson that we all have to learn. We all put so much pressure on ourselves.  But we can't know what we haven't learned.  So give yourself a break and take it step by step.

Starting a new business?  Need to learn how to run that business?  LEARN.  Learn about social media marketing.  Learn  how to create and maintain a website.  Learn how to tell people about what you do without sounding like an infomercial.  We all have to learn something to do something.

Are you just becoming a painter?  Learn how to mix colours or what the different brushes are for, or even what you are good at and LIKE to paint.  

Becoming an actor?  Train in a way that makes you feel like you can really do it.  Like you know how to drop your ego and create a new human being into this world.  Learn how to memorize and how to look someone in the eye.

It’s the same in any and every profession.  So if you feel like you are stuck because you have to learn something that’s hard to learn.  Just do it.  Despite the resistance.  Despite the scariness.  Despite the ego that keeps telling you that it’s hard and you can’t and why should you have to and why can’t you ever just catch a break in this life?  

All that BS is keeping you from what you love and what you KNOW makes you happy and a life that is rich and full.  So suck it up.  Ask for help.  Learn what you must so that you can TEACH yourself that you can do anything and get through anything.  And you know what, eventually you’ll start believing it.

Now that all the agonizing and whining is out of the way (and don’t worry, that’s usually the first step) how do you learn something that you’re having difficulty wrapping your head around?  It’s like everything.  Take bite size pieces and tackle them one by one.  

Building a website and not techy?  Let’s say you’re dirt broke and you’re starting a new business or venture and you HAVE to have a site.  Don’t start with building a whole site.  Start with your home page.  The page that says what you do, why you do it, and why someone needs to hire you or buy your product.  

Writing a script?  Do you have all these idea’s and thoughts and images and everything that you are thinking is going to make up the most epic trilogy and next billion dollar franchise?  Start with getting something on paper.  Start with a beginning, middle and an end.  Start with a THEME.  Start with a SYNOPSIS.  Or even just a SCENE that you have built the story around.  Start.

Above all. Start.  

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the time, the resources or the bla bla bla.  Do what you CAN do and start heading in the direction.  Progress doesn’t mean moving forward in leaps and bounds, it means moving forward no matter how big or small the step you take.  You can do this.  Just breathe and do what you can do right now.