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Melody Garcia is an Award Winning Writer, Speaker, and Influencer.  She is a leader and a mover and a shaker.

I had the pleasure of sitting down for an interview with this incredible BADASS woman.  We had such an amazing conversation, and we talked for hours AFTER the interview.   There was so much to say, so much to feel and a whole wide range of curiosity that we got to explore!

Melody is the founder of ONE NIGHT ONE VOICE.  And incredible movement that swept the rug from beneath her feet.  In our interview she shares the INCREDIBLE story of how One Night One Voice came to fruition, and the ABSOLUTE MIRACLES that rolled out in front of her.  

Her story is a true hero’s journey.  We talked about her beginnings in the Philippines and how the horrible murder of a family member and a corrupt government changed her life overnight.  We get into divinity and being led by your inner knower, god, the universe.  How ONE PRAYER activated every gift she had, and set the course for everything that followed.  Her life, her career path, and all the other amazing miracles that riddle this story.

Above all Melody is an activist.  She volunteers for Unicef and has an awesome column in Manila Up! International Magazine called Life Journey.. a story of breakdown to breakthrough, she co-authored a book coming out in March called Women Who Influence and now she is the host of her own TV show called Melody in Motion! With Manila Up TV!


It doesn’t get any more exciting than getting to sit down and interview someone who is on THE LITERAL BRINK of blowing up in this world.  And this world will be in good hands!

So what are the makings of a leader? And why does Melody Garcia have these qualities?!

1. She has a huge heart and cares about more than just herself
2. She gives back in a HUGE way, when and where she can
3. She sees opportunities and grabs them... AND THEN she hits the ground running
4. She follows her heart and her faith in a higher power and she TRUSTS that things will unfold the way they need to
5. She says YES, and she keeps saying yes to see where that will take her

There are so many things that make a great leader and Melody posses A LOT of them.  So take a page out of her book (figuratively and literally) and start showing up in a BIG way for yourself, lead with your heart, know your purpose and trust that everything will unfold.  And more than that, bask in the awesomeness of what does unfold. 

Watch the whole interview to hear EVERYTHING about her story here: Melody Garcia Interview

You will laugh, you will cry, you will be amazed <3

Much love,

Kat Schulte


Want to get to know Melody yourself?! You can follow her below!

Instagram: @Melodyliezl
Twitter: @MelodyGarciaVIP
To watch Melody In Motion, download the app: ACTV-05