Yesterday I was being interviewed by a local magazine, whom I know and have worked with in the past and they had some reservations about writing an article about me and my company because they didn’t know if it was a conflict of interest or not.   That never crossed my mind, not because the fact that, of course, I would like more exposure with my business, but because I was so grateful and saw it as a really supportive thing to do for another woman entrepreneur in the community.  It was completely fine in the end of course because they did decide to interview me, which I am extremely grateful for.  But it also got me thinking…

The more and more I work with our generation and anyone spearheading entrepreneurship (or just living life) right now the more I realize that this is a completely new generation and there are no rules.  No one knows where we are headed or what the world will look like in the next decade, and that is because we are at the forefront of it right now.  We have created so much change, growth and connection that no one has ANY idea where this is all headed.

We all have realized that a lot the rules and guidelines that have been put upon us (things like “be a polite little girl” and “don’t speak out of turn” or "the customer is always right”) is bogus.  There is a time and a place for everything.  So I would encourage you to go with your gut.  In the case of this magazine I really did see it as supporting the community and not a conflict of interest.  But there may be times when they feel differently and a different choice will have to be made.   Go with your gut and take bold chances because NO ONE knows what’s “right” and “wrong” anymore.

There is one trendy topic that a LOT of people are on about right now, and that is AUTHENTICITY..  We hear it all the time, “be authentic” “sell authentically”  and on and on.  But what does that actually mean?  To me that honestly means show up as YOU.  Sell like you would sell, be who you would be, dress as you would dress, speak as you speak.  And above all act out of your truth and be honest.  It doesn’t matter if you’re selling YOU or if you’re selling toothpaste.  People want to see you show up as you are.  THAT is authenticity.  It doesn’t mean any ONE thing.  It means being you and not compromising on that.  So if you have to make a hard decision or if you have to launch a new product, do it with your personal flare.  Don’t try and show up with someone else’s voice in your head telling you how things SHOULD be done.  NO ONE knows and there was someone who came up with those rules too, and those rules were probably true to the 1930’s.  So stop now.  Be you and that is it.  Make every rule, sell every product, and show up to everything as you, with no apology for being who you truly are.  

And the beautiful thing about this is that the people who speak your language, and who get your message, will become your customer.  And the people who don’t will become the customer of the person that resonates with THEM.  And that is what you want.  I promise you.  And there are SEVEN BILLION people on this planet.  There are more than enough people who are going to pick up what you’re putting down.  So put yourself out there and see what happens!  And hey!  Let me know what happens!  All the best to all of you!