Ivanka Siolkowsky Founder and CEO of the Tidy Moose www.tidymoose.com

Ivanka Siolkowsky Founder and CEO of the Tidy Moose www.tidymoose.com

This week I got to interview Ivanka Siolkowsky who is a professional organizer with her company the Tidy Moose. She is such a rockstar in her field. She was part of THE FIRST EVER group to train directly with Marie Kondo; author of ‘The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up’ which became a New York Times bestseller.  A book that honestly helped me, personally, with getting rid of clutter (it’s still a journey).

Ivanka has a serious talent in her field that started at a very young age.  I have a photo below of a challenge that she gave herself. She wanted to know how fast she could clean a place up. This before and after shot was done in a frame of 2 hours.  So, yea, she’s pretty much a wizard as far as I am concerned.

 Done in 2 hours!

Done in 2 hours!

But the greatest, most daring part of our interview was brought up because this week is #BellLetsTalk week.  Today, Wednesday January 31, 2018 is a day that we talk about mental health issues.  These issues are a spectrum focusing mostly on anxiety, depression and suicide.  So we got into it.  This is a subject the two of us both talk about regularly, so that we might inspire other people to talk about it, and share their experiences in the hopes that it will start to heal the world by showing each other that we are not alone. That you are not alone.  There are so many people coping with these problems everyday, and for some, they have found solutions to these thoughts and tendencies.  Not everybody is ready to talk about these things, but everyday there are thousands and thousands of people who are healing from these mental health issues, and some that possibly never will, and we are all equal on this journey.

We talk about mindset around depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.  We talk about the highs and the lows.  We talk about our coping mechanisms and our thought processes around these things. We also dive into timing, and how some family can react in a challenging way.  We GET INTO IT.  We are both strong believers in talking about this, so we wanted to be an example.  These are hard subjects to talk about and we hope that our conversations helps you understand yourself more, feel less alone, gives you some new strategies.

Ivanka is growing a business while dealing with mental health issues.  She has expanded her business, created clients and has just recently partnered with CityLine TV as their  Organizational Expert!  She is expanding and thriving in her business.  If you’re in the Toronto area I would definitely hire her to organize your life.  But if you’re not in Toronto…then yes, she travels! We met in California at a wealth conference with JT Foxx on the last day of the conference and I knew I had to hear what she had to say.  

Please share your experiences.  KNOW that there are people thriving while living with mental health issues and that there is support.  

You can learn more about Ivanka, and watch the whole interview here: Ivanka Siolkowsky Interview

You can also keep tabs on and learn from Ivanka here:

Instagram: instagram.com/tidymoose/

Website: www.tidymoose.com

CityLine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1S824VnG5M