In celebration of International Women’s Day 2017  I wanted to make a list of my top 10 books written by women that have impacted my life.  I think you will notice a theme here perhaps.  I love this topic so much.  There are so many women out there busting their butts to achieve their dreams and not in lieu of other people achieving their dreams.  These are women who have been extremely successful in their lives who want to empower the masses to be just as successful.  These books have filled my life with joy and happiness and I highly recommend ANYONE giving them a read (or a listen)!


  1. Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear- Elizabeth Gilbert
    I have to give this book mad props.  I have listened to the audio book over 5 times and I keep coming back to it.  It has such beautiful wisdom about life and creativity and a perspective that I love and admire. I am constantly telling all my clients to read this book and I hope you do too.

  2. Yes Please!- Amy Poehler
    This is such a great book.  Witty and real.  She made me laugh, made me cry, made me think she was a bit of an asshole sometimes.  It has everything.  

  3. The Prosperity Factor- Kelley Keehn
    This woman is a powerhouse in business and finance.  She honestly made me think about life and money in a way I could have never imagined.  Everyone needs to read this book!

  4. The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith- Gabrielle Bernstein
    For all y’all spirit junkies (another title of one of her books) this is the book that will shift you into embracing miracles.  Into understanding and seeing the universe in a whole new perspective.  I highly recommend this book.

  5. Bossy Pants- Tina Fey
    This is another classic for people who like a little comedy with their self improvement.  Tina Fey is witty and enjoyable to read.  She has great perspective and it comes with a laugh.  

  6. Not That Kind Of Girl- Lena Dunham
    This is an intense book.  It gets deep into the psyche of what it’s like to be sexually assaulted.  Major trigger warning, but still a fantastic read!

  7. Harry Potter- JK Rowling
    Yes.  This had to be here, as it is one of the greatest series ever to be written and although it is not self improvement and most of these are, if you haven’t hopped onto the Harry Potter bandwagon, get on it.  This WOMAN is one of the highest grossing authors of all time.  

  8. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?- Mindy Kaling
    I like Mindy Kaling.  There is a lot of controversy about her but I think that she has some great things to say about being a woman and more so an ethnic human being in this world.  Funny, enjoyable, and a great message

  9. The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up- marie Kondo
    As a person who keeps WAY TOO MUCH stuff, I am a huge fan of the message of this book; Keep only what brings you joy.

  10. The Bedwetter: Sarah Silverman
    Although I am not a huge fan of her comedy, I think this is a pretty great story from a legendary woman in comedy.  She was easily one of the first female comedians to tackle extremely heavy subject matter in a way that actually made people laugh.  

There are a few honorable mentions that I have not yet had the privilege of reading by are on my reading list.  These women have great blogs and vlog and incredible companies.  So I definitely think they are worth checking out!


  1. She Means Business- Carrie Green
    I am awaiting for my copy to come in the mail.  I have been following Carrie for a long time, and I have been a long standing member in her membership club called The Female Entrepreneur Association.  I have connected with Carrie and her team on many occasions and she is seriously such a loving person who wants people to succeed in this world.  Her Ted Talk is great, her blog is great, and she is genuinely lovely soul.   Pick up her book! It’s getting such amazing reviews!

  2. Get Rich Lucky Bitch- Denise Duffield-Thomas
    Her website is packed with great content and I love her blogs.  Her book has long been on my list to read!

  3. The Conquer Kit- Natalie MacNeil
    Another badass business woman who is helping people build businesses.  Lots of great content and loads of value!  


As a business woman and a woman in general, I feel like I constantly need a lot of guidance and support.  I dole it out as much as I need it.  We all do, so I wanted to honour the women who have been changing the business world and creating possibility for a more equal work environment and inspiring people like you and I to continue forward in our pursuits!

I hope this list gives you a little of that guidance!

Much Love,

Kat Karpoff