Creativity takes many forms, like,  cooking, cleaning, eating, reading, writing, acting, photography, massage, entrepreneurship and even in just the way one carries themselves.  But when you let any kind of creativity in your life fall to the wayside, that's when you see a life slowly drain from someone’s eyes.  Because to me creativity is life.  It's what motivates and entices.  It's when you feel fulfilled in whatever you are doing and everything that you do becomes fulfilling.  There is creativity in driving a bus when you smile and make everyone feel seen as they walk on.  There is creativity in getting the numbers right on someone’s tax return and scoring them a nice pay-check back from our scroungy government.  There is a beautiful art to being able to communicate a subject that is hard to wrap your head around in school and inspire people to give a shit about learning. There is definitely creativity in putting a needle in someone’s arm going through another round of chemo and making them smile even if it's just for a second.  

There is creativity in every walk of life and no one should ever feel like they can't express what it means to be a kind  human with a sense of creativity in anything that they choose to do.

There are occurrences that happen in a creative life, and in anyone’s life, that I see over and over again that hold people back from their true potential.   We all make excuses "I'm too tired." "I don't have time." "Everything is so expensive." These are all true i'm sure but the fact remains that if you're a writer, you must write. If you're an actor, you must act.  If you're a painter, you must paint. You have to flex the muscles of every creative skill that you want to pursue or they'll never develop.  And I get it, sometimes dreams or goals can be lofty and painful. They can pierce your skin and clench your chest.  They can feel so heavy but they can also make you soar.  If you're goal is to write a feature film and sell it, the only thing that you can control is that you sit your ass down and write it. Then rewrite it because a first draft is never good.  Then write it again, and then have someone edit it, and then write it again.  

You can't control if it'll be a hit or it will even sell.  You can only control you.  And what can you do? You can write.

A problem that a lot of us have right now is that we can't help crawling into our gross noggins and firmly planting our cabooses there.  No one wants to be in their own head, it’s not a friendly place.  We all know, that is where judgement for everyone and everything lies.  Including ourselves.  That's where that creepy little voice comes from that says, "Did you see how that person looked at you?  It's because you're a gross bitch. "  

Whatever your voice says to you, it's a big liar and so the best thing to do is to break up with it.  And the only way out of your head is out there.  

Out in front of you.

Take your finger and hold it about a centimeter in front of your face.  

You are now cross eyed.

But half of you is now out of your head and the other half is judging yourself for even doing that.  

The better thing to do instead of playing into my little joke is to get a person, preferably that you like, and sit them in front of you and get them to tell you about an important time in their life in 5 minutes. No more, no less.  And just listen.  Don't say anything, don't comment, don't think about your story that you have that you want to tell them so that you can relate.  It is not a conversation.  Listen and go on the ride of that story with them.  Then switch and fully tell them your story and have them fully listen.  

Getting out of your head takes time and practice, but trust me, you've had the experience. If you are a movie person, like I am, and you are watching a beautiful scene and you start sobbing and at the end of the movie you take a huge breath because you haven't been breathing. That's being out of your head.  Do that with someone else.

Or go for a hike.  I often walk in the woods and my mind is going on and on about how I am stuck or how my family is annoying, whatever goes on in there and all of a sudden I look up and notice the green.  The incredible beauty of the different greens and the different facets of light that touches the leaves and all of a sudden I am out of my head. I am present with the world around me.

So all in all, be creative, whatever that might mean to you and get out of your head.  It's a more beautiful world out there and you will be happier.