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I see you.  I see how POWERFUL you are and it doesn't scare me.  It doesn't DIMINISH me. It INSPIRES me.  I see you. I see your light, your strength and your MAGIC.  I see you.  And I call you to the HIGHEST form of yourself. I call you. Now. Not later. Will you answer?

I see you in your full glory and power and you cannot hide from me.  My vision is clear and my knowing is powerful.  I have worked to clear myself, my attachments, and this illusion.  I only seek love.  I only seek to continue to raise our vibration.  We are ever going upwards and I call on everyone to meet me there.  I work with 3 people 1:1 at a time and have a group program of 5 people.  I keep it HIGH VIBE for my clients so I can work at my highest capacity. I work with high level, high performing spiritual females.  Together we rise! 

My Story

I wanted to be an actor since I could speak.  That was who I was, that was the passion I was pursuing.  So I got to work, and for most of my life, I was headed towards that goal, doing everything that I thought I "should" do in order to reach that dream.  But my life had very different plans for me, and I am so grateful that it did.  

When I got to my adult years, I went into healthcare.  I am a total biology nerd, and I loved understanding the human experience as deeply as I could.  So I opened my practice and had clients right away.  I was still working towards that dream of acting but my healthcare business was my bread and butter, and I built quite a successful business.  I was taking acting classes on the side, I was creating my own work, I founded more than one production company along the way, I coached, I mentored, I consulted with actors, producers, film makers. I was a creative problem solver and everyone came to me because they KNEW I could get it done.  I MET EVERYONE!  I was in hustle mode... and slowly but surely, I realized I was miserable.  

I had always been a free spirit, I always loved connecting with people and mentoring, but everything about what I was doing felt wrong. My relationships with my business partners felt toxic, where I was working and running my practice felt toxic, my mind was racing all the time and I was BURNING OUT!  Yep! I was in my 20's and I was burning out. I was running 3 different businesses, all that didn't feel right to me, and I didn't listen!

As you know, when you don't listen to the universe, it yells louder.  

And wow did it start yelling!  My body was in pain all the time, I was unhappy, I was having anxiety and depression.  

Then it happened....

The straw that broke the camels back was my father living on the streets.  My dad has suffered with addiction my whole life, but in 2014 he, for the first time, was on the street.  I went and spent the day with him and my little brother.  I saw him in that state and it broke me.  When I get home at the end of the day, I broke down and cried and couldn't stop crying.  I cried for DAYS! All the emotions about everything and a MAJOR disillusionment with the world struck me.  It plummeted me into a 2 year battle with deep depression.  

It also plummeted me into ENORMOUS self-discovery.  For the first time in my life I started asking what do I WANT to be doing with my life.  Not what do I THINK I should be doing, but what do I WANT to be doing.  What do I LOVE?  What would it look like to have a PURPOSE driven life?  What would it look like to LOVE everything I did?!  How would it feel to be PROSPEROUS and have PEACE in my life?  WHAT was everything for?

And here I am today! I have worked through my depression and anxiety, I have a life that I love, I do what I love for a living.  I have so much prosperity and it comes from creating prosperity for OTHERS!  My life is so cool. 

The road to our highest good comes with the most incredible lessons to be learned.  I became an avid student of my life, and I teach people how to deepen the relationship with their lives, the way that works for them!  Because although some of the techniques are the same, every life is unique and what works for one person WILL NOT work for another.  

Let's find out how much clarity and strength we can create together, so that you are creating your life, so that you are living the way that YOU want to.  It's simple, but not easy.  It's FUN, but not without challenges!  ARE YOU READY?! I hope so, because saying yes to ME and MY life, was the best thing I have ever done. I am calling you now.  Will you answer?


Are you ready to answer the call?