Hello! Thank you so much for checking out my site.

This is a little about me.

Who I am, is someone who is passionate about creativity and helping others to bring their best creative work into this world.

I saw a major need in the creative fields for guidance and encouragement. And I want to be that for you. I want to be your muse, your confident and your kick in the butt! I want to help navigate you through your creative journey as best I can. I want to inspire you and ignite a fire within you.

I want to build a community and a supportive culture within the creative world and I want to bring the joy back to your creative endeavour.

Because I have gone through the trials and tribulations of being a creative I understand what most people are going through, and I know how to break through the blocks and get to the work. I am excited to help bring your creations to life whether it be performance, visual art, that book that you've always wanted to write, that screenplay and that business that you've always wanted to start or that you've started and don't know how to proceed. I want to help you with all of it. I have been through all of it. Of course everyone's journey is beautifully unique. I am excited to help you through this incredible journey that we call life. I have been a creative entrepreneur my whole life.

My Story

Have you ever felt so exhausted? So done with fighting for and against everything? Feeling like everything that you do is like trudging through mud? So not in alignment with who you truly are, and owning none of your power?

My breakdown moment came in two parts. I’ve had my fair share of trauma in my life, as most of us have. One of the most prevalent being having a father that has suffered from substance abuse my whole life. In 2014 he found himself for the first time officially living on the streets.

 The first time I saw him living like this, he was a mess. I remember him being shockingly thin with his face sunken in and he was limping from an unknown injury. My brother and I took him for lunch where he was popping nameless pills, he was agitated and complaining about meaningless things. He was falling asleep in his soup and we had to wake him up a few times. This was the first day, in my entire life, that I saw addiction for the real hell that it is.

 After lunch my brother and I went and browsed through some shops. When we came out our dad was on the opposite side of the street sitting on the curb, falling asleep as people walked by and stared at him. My little brother, who is 10 years younger than I am and infinitely wise for his age, looked over at him, “That’s our dad,” he said, “everyone just walks by staring at some homeless guy...and that’s our dad.” In that moment, I had infinite compassion for my dad and my years of anger dissolved instantly.

The rest of the day was filled with aimless wandering as my dad scrounged through dumpsters and lashing out at most of the things I said. The sad thing is that's not my dad. My dad is a kind, loving and highly intelligent person. Lack of self love, lack of self compassion broke him.

 When I finally got home I dropped to the ground hyperventilating and sobbing harder than I’ve ever sobbed. I couldn’t stop. My sister came over and sat with me. Her and I have different dads so she just sat as I sobbed, there was nothing else she could do. That night I cried myself to sleep. The next day, I woke up crying. My best friend came over to get ready for our other best friends bridal shower. She got to my house and saw my swollen eyes, she hugged me, and I sobbed some more. That was the first breakdown that led to my year and a half battle with depression and anxiety.

 The next year and a half was the worst time I’ve ever had in my life. Everything that I had been holding onto my whole life was screaming in my head. YOU ARE NOT WORTHY, YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH, YOU CANNOT SAVE ANYONE, YOU ARE USELESS!

 Shortly after my onset of depression, my life started breaking apart, I couldn’t for the life of me get ahead financially, my work let us all go, I started my own practice and I hated that, my body started breaking down, I was weak, and I was in pain all the time.  My creative life had all but bankrupted me. I had headaches constantly and pain all the way down the right side of my body. I would go home everyday crying, and my partner would just hold me until I went and laid down. Everything was spiralling out of control. At that moment I finally said ENOUGH. I quit my job, I quit everything, I quit my life! Even though I didn’t have the money, even though I didn’t have a plan, I chose to put me first.


After I quit my life, I jumped right into the same pattern. I was finishing up film and other projects and I was working 50+ hour weeks but wasn’t getting paid for any of it!

 I justified this to myself in so many ways. I mean, I've been on this creative path in the film and television industry all my life after all. I’ve worked with big names in the industry, written films, ran production companies, created endless amounts of content and I had the experience so I thought "This is my dream, isn’t it?"

 And then out of sheer luck, came an interruption to the busyness I had created for myself. I was asked to house sit a couple of wonderful cats on a local island for a week.

 This house, was in the woods and close to the small town, it was so quiet and they didn’t have TV. I remember it was beautiful and serene. Finally I got quiet. I could think and breathe. I finally slowed down. In this headspace I had this amazing realization about my path. Creativity and spirituality. I wanted to live it and breathe it. Mostly I wanted to empower creative lives, I wanted to heal with my gifts, I wanted to empower femininity, I wanted to teach people how to own their lives and have healthy relationships and communication, I wanted to embrace my own feminine. I was lead to the true path that I wanted to pursue. I see how many people struggle and I want our creative lives and hearts to start healing, to get back joy again!  When I got home my depression had finally lifted and I immediately got started on my new path. I had found my joy again. I had found my passionate pursuit in this world. My spiritual gifts opened, and I embraced my femininity, my creativity, my joie de vivre!!  And what I truly want is for people to NOT have to hit rock bottom like I did, you don’t have to.  I can show you how to embrace who you truly are and step into your power and step into the magical life of your dreams.  


Are you ready to work together?